Let Mary Francis Tate apply her expertise of design to your garden. With the right design a
wall built for privacy can become a architectural feature to be admired.


While sitting on this raised patio under the shade of tall trees, these homeowners can observe activities on all sides: the pool on one side, the riding ring on the other.







These clients had a culvert in the rear of their property.Gardens by Design turned it into a babbling brook. Now an arched bridge runs over a series of small water falls. The owners of this home enjoy listening to the sounds of falling water as they sit on their deck.

The Bangle Tiger Canna Lilly adds dramatic color and height to this water garden. Small evergreen shrubs ensure year round color and texture. Perennials add excitement to every change of season.





Color and Texture are very important elements that a designer uses when creating a garden.Years of practice has enable Mary Francis to become familiar with many unusual plant specimens. Perennials, flowering shrubs and broad leaf evergreens together comprise the living room called a garden. Focal points and framed views become windows of enjoyment.

Using a boulder for the diving board to create a more naturalistic setting to integrate a swimming pool into a garden setting. Mary Francis placed a boulder on the irregular stone deck of the pool to serve as a diving board. All the garden amenities are visible from the living room of the residence. The use of a love seat in the pool at the deep end enables the swimmer to climb out without the aid of a traditional pool ladder. A low stone wall serves to retain a landscaped berm for privacy from the adjacent golf course.




Mary Francis Tate
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